This page is for showing off work thats up and coming but not quite done. I often find myself with alot of different irons in the fire, and so this part of the site will have some entries of things that are ongoing personal projects of mine which hopefully will be finished someday!


Fusion model for 88mm Flak Canon

This is the completed high res for the flak canon!


Colonial Viper WIP

Im a huge fan of BSG so I decided this week a colonial viper seemed like a good choice. Here is the initial line drawing of the scene, which will eventually be a viper squadron on patrol.


Madcat painting WIP

To start off this section, let's get a look at this new Madcat painting I'm doing from the Battletech universe. I like to start with an initial line drawing. This one didnt take very long, but I sometimes I might need to go through a few before I'm good with the layout. The next phase is to start breaking out some values and colors. This part can take a couple hours sometimes. Below is the current progress. The original for this one is 1800x2200


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