This page is for showing off work thats up and coming but not quite done. I often find myself with alot of different irons in the fire, and so this part of the site will have some entries of things that are ongoing personal projects of mine which hopefully will be finished someday!


More progress on the retro sci fi kit!



WIP for unreal tileable sci fi interior

Got some good traction on what will eventually be a fully realized environment for Unreal 


hallway blockouts!

More progress with the hallways.  Tomorrow some rooms and stuff! 


And so it begins...

Started work on a new sci fi environment which will eventually be a purchasable kit for Unreal and Unity. It is of course Star Wars inspired :) This is a blockout of some ideas for the corridor.


88MM Flak Canon low poly WIP

As anyone might immagine looking at the high res, the low poly is a complex peice of work, so its going to be some time before its finally done, However I did texure a section of it that was representative of the whole in order to create smart materials in substance painter that can be used for the rest of the asset. Here are a few screenshots of that section of the model. Artstation of course has a full Marmoset viewer of this model to roll around and look at!

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