Welcome to Rickknox3d Captains Blog. This is where I post updates to my site, post what work I am currently doing and so on.  I try to update the site on a regular basis so keep checking back, feel free to leave comments or drop me a line on Facebook or LinkedIn, and dont forget to check out my Artstation Blog for even more stuff!

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AK47 Zbrush model

Added a new prop, made in Zbrush, check it out!

Textures in Substance painter

Marmoset Viewer: AK47 Game-res



New Call of Duty images added, Updated resume.

I wanted to make a note, since I havent updated the since since 2013 :). 


Halo 4: Castle Map Pack: Outcast section up!

I added the the new stuff I did for the Castle Map Pack up in the Halo 4 Environments section! My map was the alien destert map, Outcast. I served as the Map Owner for this one, and spent a majority of my time working out all the alien canyon like terrains. That work included zbrush sculpts, creating deformable tiling sections, and tons of material tuning. The terrain shader was custom created for outcast by Dan Valey, for use with this kind of terrain. Outcast was very much a collaborative effort, and I have credited the team for thier individual work in each image.



Halo 4 Updates

I put up some of the work I did on Halo 4 last year, have a look. I spent most of the project on Longbow, But I did get to lend a hand with Adrift and Meltdown.


Madcat done!

After a couple of hecktic weeks I was able to get back to the madcat painting, here it is! The entire process can be seen on the WIP page!

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