Welcome to Rickknox3d Captains Blog. This is where I post updates to my site, post what work I am currently doing and so on.  I try to update the site on a regular basis so keep checking back, feel free to leave comments or drop me a line on Facebook or LinkedIn, and dont forget to check out my Artstation Blog for even more stuff!

Artstation Blog 


Retro Sci Fi kit progress

Check out the progress on the new environment kit I am creating for Unreal and Unity on the Works In Progress page. I expect to have this kit online and live for January, I cant wait to see what people build with it!



Unity store online, Plus new WIP for Unreal asset store!

I got the 88 up on the unity store finall, check it out here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/101931

I have also gotten some good traction over the last couple of weeks on my new sci fi based interior set for Unreal, check out high res shots in the WIP gallery


Gumroad store up and running!


Gumroad Store


Flak Canon for sale!

I have the 88 up for same now on a couple of sites and am waiting for the unity version to pass muster. for now here are a couple of locations to get the open source version on Turbosquid and CG Trader: 




88 mm German Flak Canon added to the site, also on Artstation!

I recently finished the modelling for the 88, I have uploaded some images as well as a new entry ar Artstation. Hopefully I can get this thing up on Unreal and Unity soon.

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