My Missions: 

I got lucky enough to break into environment art back in 2000. Since then I have worked with some of the best people in the industry. I have been able to work on so many fun AAA titles, Its hard to believe sometimes. My goal throughout my time has been to consistently improve my skill, my knowledge, and my wisdom. To increase responsibility and push the limit. My continuing mission is to seek out new challenges, and new friends, and to boldly go.... 
Yes, I like Star Trek!


Where I have worked:

Certain Affinity

April 2011 – Present

Sr. Environment Artist

Lead prop artist, specializing in High Poly, Hard surface modelling, texturing. Also mentoring opportunities and various leadership roles as projects dictate. 


Sony Online Entertainment

May 2004 – April 2011

Sr. Environment Artist

Specializing in Hard surface modelling, texturing and world building. Also did some work with lighting and material creation in Unreal. I was able to participate in a variety of mentoring and leadership roles.


Mad Doc Software

April 2001 – May 2004

Artist II

Created a variety of assets and environments for RTS level games in the Empire Earth and Star Trek IPs.


Taldren Software

July 2000 – December 2000

Contract Artist

Provided several Star Trek themed ships for Star Trek: Star Fleet Command Series.


Tools and Software:

Maya 2017, Fusion360, zBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Adobe Photoshop, AutoDesk 3ds Max, Modo 901, Halotech, Unreal editor, xNormal,

DDO, NDO, Radiant, Vue, World Machine, Houdini. 


Released Game Credits:

World of Tanks Update 1.0 (2018)

Prey (2017)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (2016)

Doom (2016)

Halo Master Chief Collection (2015)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (2014)

Halo 4: Castle Map Pack (2013)

Halo 4 (2012)

Halo Anniversary Edition (2011)

DC Universe Online (2011)

Star Wars Galaxies: Trails of Obi-Wan (2007)

Star Trek Legacy (2007)

Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookies (2006)

Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (2006)

Empire Earth II (2005)

Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed (2004)

Star Trek Armada II (2001)

Star Trek Star Fleet Command: Orion Pirates (2000)


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